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Caio Marcolini

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 1985
Lives and works in Porto, Portugal


Caio Marcolini  is an artist, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, 2012), and has an Associate Degree in Jewelry (SENAI, Rio de Janeiro, 2007), both in Brazil. He was a student at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, under the supervision of the artist and professor Bruno Miguel (Portfólio de Artista: Estratégias de Apresentação e Desenvolvimento de Carreira, 2022), under the supervision of the artist Anna Bella Geiger and curator Fernando Cocchiarale (Sobre os Abstracionismos Nacionais e Internacionais, 2020), under the supervision of the artist and curator Franz Manata (Desenvolvimento de projeto, 2016) and professor Charles Watson (Processo Criativo, I, II, III, 2015).

Marcolini’s artistic works confuse itself with his labor and background in the fields of jewelry, art and design. If we can surely imagine the contradictions and particularities of such disciplines, what Caio does is precisely blur those borders, by moving its creations in and out such discursive spaces. He researches the material and the ethereal, creating objects through a weaving process created by himself. His practice is nurtured by the movement: the idea moves as the object is being made, a malleable thread of countless loops, and it is shaped, it shifts, as much as its creator desires. 

Solo Exhibitions


_Gallery Nosco - Brussels, Belgium (Forthcoming)


_1-54 New York - Art Fair, Duo Project - Gallery Nosco, New York - US

_SP Arte – Rotas Brasileiras, Solo Project  - "Organismos", Belizário Galeria - São Paulo - Brazil

Group Exhibitions


_ "Big Mama Thornton"– Gallery Nosco, London - UK

"Colónia de férias",  Plato - Évora - Portugal          

_" | fɛmɪnɪn | ", Gallery Nosco - Brussels, Belgium

_"Hearts On Fire", A Homem Mau / Plato - Lisbon - Portugal 

_"Summer Exhibition 2022", Chrysalid Gallery - Rotterdam - Netherlands
_"Viva Brasil!", Colégio das Artes da Universidade de Coimbra - Portugal

_"Pedágio de Mim - Foco Brasil", Not a Museum - Lisbon - Portugal

_"Reality Check: Life After Retirement", Espaço Espelho d'Água - Lisbon - Portugal
_Casa70 Lisboa, Le Consulat - Lisbon - Portugal
_The Mask Project, The Curators - New York - US
_Com_Vida70, Casa70 Lisboa - Lisbon - Portugal
_"O que deixou a florescer", Galeria Sete - Coimbra - Portugal
_COLETIVA70, Casa70 Lisboa - Lisbon - Portugal

_"Arte de Bolso 2019" 8ª edição, Galeria Sete - Coimbra - Portugal
_"TRAMA", Inthependant Gallery - Porto - Portugal

_"Arte de Bolso 2018" 7ª edição, Galeria Sete - Coimbra - Portugal
_“Nunca fuimos nada - Primera Bienal de Arte Rechazado”, Galeria Los14 - CDMX - Mexico
_"Ases & Trunfos 2018", Galeria Sete - Coimbra - Portugal

_Festival de Esculturas do Rio  - Terceira Edição, Centro Cultural dos Correios - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
_Vinte e Três: Joalharia Contemporânea na Ibero-América, SNBA - Lisbon - Portugal 

_42º SARP - Salão de Arte de Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo - Brazil
_45º Salão de Arte Contemporânea Luiz Sacilotto - São Paulo - Brazil
_5º SOAL - Salão de Outono da América Latina, Memorial da América Latina - São Paulo  - Brazil

_"Através da Trama", HAG, Home Art Gallery - São Paulo - Brazil
_4º SOAL - Salão de Outono da América Latina, Memorial da América Latina - São Paulo - Brazil



UmbigoLAB @ Loulé Criativo - Algarve - Portugal 




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